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Holy spirit bird flies in skies, bright

My Story

I'm Jay Bartlett and welcome to the Freedom Fighter Global Training Center. I'm a trophy of God's grace and lovingkindness as the Lord Jesus rescued me 35+ years ago. Since being rescued, I have been faithfully serving in the gospel ministry. I have been honored to travel throughout the world preaching the gospel, driving out demons and curing the sick. Moreover, I have watched on, as the Holy Spirit empowered me, to carry out extraordinary signs, wonders and miracles --such as raising the dead, utilizing holy angels in ministry, expelling cursed objects from bodies, and other unusual miracles. I want to see you carry out these works too.

Many years ago, I graduated from a theological school, but, I have discovered, most of my training, occurred on the mission field. In 81 nations, on 6 continents, I have learned from the Holy Spirit and I want to share with you the astounding mysteries and the supernatural keys I have discovered from our living God. I want to see this earth filled with Freedom Fighters --warriors for Jesus who will perform the "greater works" that Jesus promised we would do in John 14:12-14. We would be honored to have you register today and become a Freedom Fighter!

Holy spirit bird flies in skies, bright


Vice-President of Admissions & Spiritual Formation

Dr. Rana Sullivan-Bartlett is President and Founder of Rana Sullivan Ministries, and she is Vice President of Admissions and Spiritual Formation at the Freedom Fighter International Training Center based in Southern California. She is an author, conference speaker, and a university professor, and God has gifted Dr. Rana with unique linguistic ability as she speaks six different languages. She is well-loved and known for her sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  God’s love is exquisitely expressed through Dr. Rana as she is being used to transform the lives of many people around the world.  


International Mission Coordinator

Carl Goldsmith

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