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Welcome to the World-Renowned

Freedom Fighter Global Training Center 

Which Is Currently One Of The World's Largest Miracle-Working Training Centers. Learn about: Third Heaven Encounters, Soul Invasion, Deep Deliverance and more.


These powerful and compelling training modules are short, concise and easily understood video teachings that will empower a NEW generation of disciples, especially on TikTok, where we already have a powerful platform that has reached millions. This training is affordable and life-transformative. Join us today.

World's Largest Miracle-Working Training Center

Welcome to which is currently one of the world's largest miracle-working training centers. We are dedicated to equipping the Body of Christ in carrying out the miracle works of Jesus --to proclaim the gospel, cure the sick, cast out demons, heal the brokenhearted, raise the dead, and guide souls to the heavenly realms. Unrivaled in scope.

In the Freedom Fighter fascinating training program, we explore and teach subjects rarely touched upon, let alone explored in depth. We will assist you in mastering the miraculous. You'll be equipped to:

  • Share the good news of Jesus with family and friends

  • Cure infirmities

  • Heal the brokenhearted

  • Drive out demons

  • Expel soul invaders

  • Direct ancestral heart parts to God

  • Gently guide souls into the heavenly realm

  • Perform extraordinary miracles



"God bless you, Pastor Jay! These training courses have been life-changing. The teaching on the Triune nature of God was phenomenal and eye-opening."

--Stephen in Johannesburg, South Africa

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